Google Patent Dispute teaches valuable lesson

In a recent legal dispute, a federal jury in Waco, Texas, ruled that Alphabet’s Google violated the patent rights of software developer Touchstream Technologies by using their remote-streaming technology without authorization. As a consequence of this infringement, Google has been ordered to pay substantial damages amounting to $338.7 million.

Touchstream Technologies, also known as Shodogg, asserted in its 2021 lawsuit that their founder, David Strober, invented technology in 2010 that allowed seamless video streaming from small devices like smartphones to larger screens, such as televisions. The lawsuit claimed that Google’s Chromecast and other devices copied Touchstream’s innovative solutions, infringing on three of their patents. Moreover, Touchstream alleged that Google’s Home and Nest smart speakers, along with third-party televisions and speakers with Chromecast capabilities, also infringed on their patents.

The legal battle underscores the importance of diligently registering patents and seeking expert legal guidance from experienced attorneys when developing and protecting innovative technologies. Here are some key reasons why proper patent registration is crucial:

    1. Defending Intellectual Property: Registering patents with competent attorneys helps protect intellectual property from unauthorized use or infringement by other companies. A robust patent portfolio acts as a shield, when creators protect their innovations and retain exclusive rights.

    1. Preventing Costly Disputes: Engaging with skilled attorneys during the patent registration process can help identify potential conflicts with existing patents. By conducting thorough searches and assessments, inventors can avoid costly legal battles and infringement claims down the line.

    1. Enhancing Credibility: A registered patent enhances the credibility of the technology and the company behind it. It signals to investors, partners, and customers that the innovation is unique and legally protected, thus providing a competitive advantage in the market.

    1. Enforcing Rights: With properly registered patents, technology creators have the legal standing to enforce their rights in the event of infringement. Having a solid legal foundation empowers patent owners to pursue appropriate legal actions against unauthorized users.

    1. Establishing Value: A robust patent portfolio adds significant value to a company. When seeking investors or potential buyers, a strong patent portfolio can be a compelling asset that increases the company’s worth.

    1. International Protection: Working with experienced attorneys can also help navigate the complexities of international patent protection, working towards the goal of safeguarding your innovation

In conclusion, the recent patent infringement case between Touchstream Technologies and Google underscores the utmost importance of proper patent registration and the value of collaborating with experienced attorneys like Fargo Patent and Business Law. For innovative businesses in California, protecting your intellectual property is paramount to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. By partnering with Fargo Patent and Business Law, California-based innovators can work towards securing comprehensive protection for their groundbreaking technologies. Registered patents shield from unauthorized use and potential infringement by competitors.