• Give us a call,
      • We will connect you to an attorney if one is available.
      • We will schedule a free consultation or phone call to discuss your legal needs if an attorney is not readily available at the time of your call.
  • We understand that your legal needs are unique to you and will listen to your ideas, situation, and goals

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Provide a Proposed Roadmap

  • After we have listened to you and understand your legal needs, we will provide you with a proposed path forward.
  • The strategy might range from various transactional work to litigation.

Estimate the cost

  • Based on the preliminary proposed path forward, we will provide an idea as to the cost. In some cases, we can accurately predict a cost but in other cases, legal needs may have a level of uncertainty and an accurate cost would not be predictable.
  • We will communicate with you throughout our engagement to ensure there are no surprises in terms of the cost

Engage us

  • Once we have listened to you, provided a roadmap, and estimated the cost, you are ready to formally engage us as your attorney. Up until this stage, we will not have billed you any fees.
  • We offer an attorney-client agreement and a retainer request to formally engage with the firm. We will be officially retained to represent you once you have signed the attorney-client agreement and sent the retainer.

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  • We will schedule your work once you have engaged us as your attorney.
  • Depending upon the nature of the work, we may schedule a meeting in the future or, we may fast track the work.


  • We place a high importance on communicating with our clients. We value our clients and guarantee we will communicate with you in a timely manner.
  • Questions: Our goal is to respond to a communication from our clients within 48 hours. We may need to schedule a meeting or work at a future date to properly respond to client communication, depending upon the nature of the communication.
  • Updates: We will keep you updated and informed as to your legal situation. If there are issues, we will let you know.

Provide Work Product – REPEAT 6&7 as necessary

  • Our team provides top quality work to our clients.

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Resolve and Complete work

  • The attorney-client agreement will come to a finish once we have completed the scope of work promised to you.
  • We will follow up with you to ensure expectations were met and that we provided a satisfactory service.

    Stay in Touch

    • We want our clients to succeed in their business ventures. Therefore, we will stay in touch with our clients even after the attorney-client relationship has finished because we understand that questions and issues may arise from time to time.

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