At Fargo Patent & Business Law we believe in fostering strong legal foundations for innovative businesses. That’s why we are thrilled to be teaming with Emerging Prairie in 2024. Emerging Prairie is an advocate for the local community and aligns perfectly with our goal of supporting and empowering entrepreneurs. Their commitment to creating a healthy ecosystem of connected resources resonates with our belief that collaboration is essential for the success of any growing community.

StartupBREW Wednesdays

Fargo Patent & Business Law is taking an active role in StartupBREW Fargo by pouring coffee every Wednesday morning. Make sure to get to StartupBREW each week, with the first event happening Wednesday, February 7th. Find more information here:

Office Hours – Prairie Den

In addition, we are excited to announce that, over the course of the year, our attorneys will be hosting office hours at the Prairie Den in Fargo. This provides aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners with valuable opportunities to connect with legal experts, ask questions, and gain insights into intellectual property and business law.

About Fargo Patent & Business Law

Our local Fargo office specializes in intellectual property and business law. With thousands of patent and trademark applications filed, and tens of millions of dollars in business transactions completed, we are privileged to have strong experience serving the local community. 

Join Us in Building a Stronger Entrepreneurial Community

Fargo Patent & Business Law is proud to be sponsoring Emerging Prairie as they work towards building a vibrant and connected entrepreneurial community in Fargo. We invite aspiring entrepreneurs, influential inventors, and all community members to join us at StartupBREW and take advantage of the unique opportunities we’re bringing to Emerging Prairie’s space.