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The hit track “Levitating” by Dua Lipa finds itself entangled in a significant copyright dispute, a vivid reminder of the intricate web of legalities in the music industry1. The case revolves around Bosko Kante’s claim that his talk box recording was used without proper authorization in remixes of the song. This clash brings to light the value of safeguarding creative works in the face of legal complexities.

The Claim and Allegations:

Musician Bosko Kante’s legal claim, filed in Los Angeles, asserts his entitlement to over $20 million due to alleged copyright infringement by Dua Lipa2. It contends that while she had permission for the initial recording, subsequent remixes were produced without the necessary approvals. Kante alleges that Dua Lipa reused his work without authorization in releases like The Blessed Madonna remix and another featuring DaBaby. He also points to her performance at the American Music Awards.

Response and Pursuit of Resolution:

Dua Lipa and Warner Music Group, her label, have yet to respond to Bosko Kante’s claims. His legal team, however, asserts that multiple attempts have been made to address the situation amicably3. They characterize the infringement as a blatant violation of Kante’s creative rights. This legal action reflects Kante’s perceived lack of willingness on Dua Lipa’s part to cooperate or acknowledge responsibility.

Previous Disputes and Ongoing Challenges:

The copyright dispute over “Levitating” isn’t Dua Lipa’s first encounter with legal conflicts. Earlier, a court dismissed a complaint from reggae group Artikal Sound System, while a separate claim by songwriters Sandy Linzer and L. Russell Brown remains unresolved. These episodes underscore the intricacies of safeguarding intellectual property and the hurdles creators face in the pursuit of justice.


In the midst of this copyright dispute, the necessity of protecting creative work becomes ever more evident. The clash surrounding “Levitating” serves as a reminder that artists, musicians, and creators across industries must navigate a complex legal landscape. Whether in music, literature, or any form of artistic expression, the guidance of copyright attorneys, such as those at Fargo Patent and Business Law, is invaluable. As we witness the unfolding of this case, it’s a stark reminder that safeguarding your creative endeavors is paramount in a world where intellectual property rights demand unwavering attention.



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