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Our business attorneys are experts in setting up LLCs, corporations, partnerships, and other legal business entities. Fargo Patent & Business Law will work to help innovative businesses and inventors develop opportunities by turning their great ideas into protected assets.



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  • Businesses of all sizes face disputes from time to time. 
  • Our expertise is creatively helping small and medium sized businesses navigate through complex inter and intra-company disputes. 
  • Business disputes can be tricky to navigate because they can be related to anything regarding the operation of a business.
  • Protecting Your Business Interests

Contract Work
  • Contract drafting: When a contract is drafted it is important to identify the terms which are essential to you.  We will help you identify what are the “show stoppers” or “needs” that are required of the contract.   
  • Contract review: You may be faced with a decision whether to sign a contract. Business attorneys can help navigate the contract negotiation process and can help ensure your business is properly protected.
Entity Formation
  • Forming an LLC or Corporation can be an important step for you and your business.  These entities provide liability protection, professional branding recognition, tax benefits, and other value that is custom to your business.  
  • When you form an entity for your business it is important you do it right.
  • We can recommend custom plans for your business to ensure you are protected by your business entity. 
  • Our plans typically include, formation of the entity, drafting the control documents, obtaining an EIN, searching the name, and drafting the first organizational action.
Real Estate
Fargo Patent & Business Law can assist you in navigating and negotiating real estate transactions
Buy - Sell
  • Whether you are looking to draft a buy-sell agreement for your company, trying to sell your company, or trying to buy a new business; we have the experience to help.  
  • Our team can help you negotiate and draft contracts to close the purchase or sale of an asset.  This may include a business, an asset, or any other sale.
  • Let our experience in law and business help provide you a roadmap for how you can pragmatically accomplish your buying and selling plans.
Corporate Work
  • The startup and patent business marketplace is a complicated frontier that requires legal advice from attorneys who are deeply entrenched in the particularities. 
  • Our firm gives you a holistic approach, so your company can get the best competitive advantage when it comes to maintaining and managing a company. 
  • Services include creating resolutions for an organization, merging organizations, ensuring compliance with control documents, adding owners, and removing owners.
Exempt Securities
  • Exempt securities are securities offered by a company that do not go through the full registration process.  
  • They  may include taking a loan from another person, offering ownership of a company, etc.  
  • Exempt securities often are filed with the state and fall under blue sky laws.


We at Fargo Patent Law know that finding the right attorney to represent you isn't always easy. Our attorneys have “been there done that.” We understand how you feel and we will work with you to provide the best solution possible.