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From the dawn of time mankind has had methods to resolve disputes. From clan chieftains to kings, men and women have had others resolve their disputes. The current American system of justice, at least on the civil side, derived from English common law where judges and juries make the decision about who is more right than wrong in a dispute. The method that we use nowadays is called litigation.

Litigation involves multiple aspects. First, there is the fact gathering. Then there is the complaint and discovery. Next comes the trial and judgment. All of these things are well entrenched in our history. Going back to colonial times to the wild west to the great depression, litigation has been part of our judicial system.

Here at Fargo Patent & Business Law we have over 20 years of experience in litigation. Our experience includes many trials and hundreds of litigated matters. We encourage our clients to get involved with their piece of litigation from the beginning of the case as a trusted partner and collaborator. We find that this approach results in the best outcome for our clients under the circumstances. We have experience in state and federal litigation and can handle very complex cases. If you are, or are about to be, embroiled in litigation remember that it is not a dirty word. It is a necessary method to resolve disputes in a civilized society.

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